[Buddha-l] Hindu Fundamentalism

curt curt at cola.iges.org
Tue Aug 2 20:58:22 MDT 2005

I really don't think this amounts to fundamentalism. In fact,
the statement that is being objected to is extremely problematic.
To say that "there is no scientific evidence of Ram and Krishna"
is nearly meaningless. Is there perhaps scientific evidence for
other Gods that is missing for Ram and Krishna? Is there some
accepted criterion for what "scientific evidence" for the "existence"
of a God might look like? This is clearly an example of an anti-
religious bias masquerading as scientifical "objectivity".
- Curt

Bernie Simon wrote:

> Fundamentalism ... it's not just for Baptists any more.
> A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activist has taken Human Resource 
> Development Minister Arjun Singh to court for schoolbooks suggesting 
> there is no scientific evidence that Hindu deities Ram and Krishna 
> existed.
> Ajit Kumar, a BJP worker from the Samastipur district, has filed a 
> complaint in court against Singh and a few others, stating that new 
> history books for Class 11, which say there is no scientific evidence 
> of Ram and Krishna, have hurt the sentiments of Hindus.
> The complaint was filed on Thursday in the court of the Hajipur chief 
> judicial magistrate, who fixed August 2 to hear the case.
> http://tinyurl.com/73dsf
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