[Buddha-l] What's wrong with a little Dharma?

Lawrence K. Starner l.k.starner at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 30 15:08:13 MDT 2005

Us home-fried, black-eyed pea'd, grit-swilling Southern Buddhists take
uffence, Yankee!!

-- One rednecked Bubba Buddhist

> On Tuesday, August 30, 2005 4:42 PM, Dr. Richard P. Hayes wrote:
> One of the most tragic mistakes made by the founding fathers of the USA
> was incorporating the southern states, and especially South Carolina,
> into the confederacy. By far the most vocal and persistent advocates of
> slavery, fully sanctioned by references to the Bible (which they
> pronounce Babble) were Senators and ministers from South Carolina. The
> blunder of the founding fathers was compounded by Lincoln, who kept the
> south in the union. I can't think of many problems that would not be
> ameliorated by allowing the south to secede from the union. Indeed, I
> think the time may have come to show Bubba the door.
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