[Buddha-l] What's wrong with a little Dharma?

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Tue Aug 30 21:39:05 MDT 2005

> "Modernistic apologetics, with its appeal to logic, proofs, and even
> common sense, therefore has proven unfruitful. It often simply draws a 
> complete blank - the language of apologetics is so utterly alien to a 
> Western Buddhist they simply have no idea what you're talking about (or 
> alternatively, they know only too well what you’re talking about, having 
> rebelled from that intellectual paradigm, and rejected it).
> "It follows then that any notion of individualism, in its Judeo-Christian 
> / Englightenment sense, in terms of the individual's hallowed centre in 
> consumer society, or in notions of Christian salvation is anathema. I 
> qualify what I'm saying as Buddhism per se is highly individualistic, but 
> Western Buddhists don't necessarily frame themselves as such in the first 
> instance. "
> -- 
> Sally McAra
Hey, sounds good--the western Buddhists they speak of seem to be quite well 
immunized against Christian missionizing.

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