[Buddha-l] A few thoughts on crazy stupidity

Benito Carral bcarral at kungzhi.org
Thu Dec 1 12:34:30 MST 2005

Dear Buddha-L friends,

   One  of  the  problems  with  Buddhism  is  that its
teachings  are  directed  to sick and stupid beings, so
when  such  beings try to redefine what Buddhism is, we
should expect problems.

   The Buddha explained correct and incorrect action in
a  quite straightforward way, and he not only explained
but  exemplified  them  with his own life, so trying to
justify  Deshimaru's,  Sangharakshita's,  or  Trungpa's
ways  can  only  be labeled as "stupid." It's something
like trying to justify modern liberalism.

   However we are living in a deeply stupid society and
when someone dares to say that such talk and action are
sick and stupid, he will get some supposedly unpleasant
and surely stupid thing in response.

   Let's  be  clear,  there  is  not  Buddhism  without
ethical  trainings. Someone who doesn't follow the most
basic  ethical  trainings  is  not wise, and if the Old
Indian  Guy were here, he would inmediately expell such
individuals  from the order. Everything else is wishful
and stupid thinking.

   Best wishes,


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