[Buddha-l] crazy wisdom

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 1 14:04:20 MST 2005

Stuart Lachs schreef:

>I think the discussion started with Trungpa handling alcohol well and
>displaying "crazy wisdom."
>Well rapping a car around a telephone pole at high speed, probably dying
>from cirrhosis of the liver, and picking Osel Tendzin as his main heir among
>other things seems less than displaying great wisdom. I would guess that the
>alcohol controlled him more than he admitted.  I expect more than "batting
>.500" from people presenting themselves as enlightened beings supposedly
>wiser than all others and demanding absolute obediance.
One thing is certain: it's not the middle way. But to me there is a kind of gnostic logic in it. It seems that doing forbidden things into the extreme is a way of going beyond the rules and being bettter then those who just follow the rules. There are the shaiva siddhas who eat meat from a funeral pire, the bauls who swollow pills with menstrual blood, the sixth Dalai Lama etc. I called it romanticism, but it seems to imply the idea that going beyond rules means to violate them. I think that this is simply wrong reasoning, because violating rules is just another way of dealing with them. 



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