[Buddha-l] Re: Crazy wisdom

Jim Peavler jpeavler at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 4 08:57:31 MST 2005

On Dec 1, 2005, at 6:16 PM, Bernie Simon wrote:

> Thanks to Google I found that you can order it directly from the  
> Fugs website, if you don't mind putting a few dollars in Ed  
> Sanders' pocket. It's called "The Party."
> The Party, A Chronological Perspective on a Confrontation at a  
> Buddhist Seminary, published by the Investigative Poetry Group,  
> from an investigation into the Trungpa/Merwin/Naone/Vajra-guard  
> incident of 1975. 1977, Poetry, Crime and Culture Press, Woodstock,  
> NY. $25

Now, Ed Sanders wrote the kind of poetry and music I do approve of.  
Whatever happened to Tooli Kuperberg (or however you spell his name).  
My wife and I still sing the great love song "Clair June" in three  
part harmony from time to time.

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