[Buddha-l] Crazy Wisdom

Mike Austin mike at lamrim.org.uk
Mon Dec 5 14:51:16 MST 2005

In message <1133800773.4598.15.camel at localhost.localdomain>, Richard P. 
Hayes <rhayes at unm.edu> writes
>Everything is impermanent, and few things are more impermanent than my
>convictions. That's why I usually state them is such strident and
>absolute tones.

Hehe! That is just what I find. The more I say something with conviction 
the more like nonsense it seems to me - and the sooner I drop it.  There 
is no surer way to defeat me in an argument  than to agree with me until 
my conviction increases so much that I become aware of my own stupidity. 
Am I right, or not?

Mike Austin

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