[Buddha-l] Pali texts in China?

L.S. Cousins selwyn at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 14 07:01:07 MST 2005


Your Prof. was correct, if 'first centuries' means 'around the fifth 
century A.D.'. For an English translation of a Pali text taken to 
Bapat, P.V. and Hirakawa, A., _Shan-chien-p'i-p'o-sha. A Chinese 
version by Sanghabhadra of Samantapaasaadikaa_, Bhandarkar Oriental 
Research Institute, Poona, 1970.

Lance Cousins

>my professor of Asian history used to claim Pali texts were brought 
>into China during the first centuries of our era. I had never read 
>anything about that. The closest lineage I can imagine to be near to 
>the Pali canon would be the Chû-shê school (later Kusha in Japan), 
>but that would be more of a Sarvastivada type of thing, than 
>Theravada. And then again, for now, I know of no Pali text of the 

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