[Buddha-l] WORD 2004 custom dictionary

Stuart Ray Sarbacker s-sarbacker at northwestern.edu
Wed Dec 28 11:00:44 MST 2005


I apologize for the cross-posting if you have seen this query already.

I am wondering if anyone has discerned how to add words in Unicode 
font (especially Times Extended Roman) to a/the custom dictionary on 
Microsoft Word 2004 (OS X). I know this has been an issue for others 
given conversations I have had recently. WORD 2004 does not seem to 
allow adding such words, stating that either the dictionary is full 
(it is not) or that the word contains "non-roman" characters.

If anyone has figured out how to get around this, I would be very 
grateful to hear, as I'm sure others would.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Stuart Sarbacker
Lecturer in Religion
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Religion
Northwestern University
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