[Buddha-l] Subahu sutra

Mike Austin mike at lamrim.org.uk
Wed Dec 28 12:04:25 MST 2005

In a note to a translation of "A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way Of Life" 
the Subahupariprccha Sutra is quoted:

"If one perseveres for the sake of bringing happiness and benefit to an
  infinite number of beings, then the infinite roots of virtue from this
  infinite aim that bears in mind the happiness and benefit of all
  sentient beings shall increase, expand and reach towards fulfilment
  every moment, day and night, regardless of whether one is
  unconscientious or even asleep."

Is the word 'unconscientious' correct? Or should it be 'unconscious', to 
be more like 'asleep'?

Mike Austin

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