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See these for the unrealiablty of the sponsors of this site, HPI (an extreme 
Hindutva outfit): from http://www.safarmer.com/downloads/
4.1-4.3. Papers on Hindutva (extreme Hindu nationalism) manipulations of 
history: The famous 'Horseplay in Harappa' incident (2000):

The following articles, accompanied by comments by Romila Thapar, Asko 
Parpola, Iravatham Mahadevan, Richard Meadow, and other researchers, can all 
be accessed through Horseplay in Harappa:

  4.1. Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer, Horseplay in Harappa: The Indus 
Valley Decipherment Hoax, Frontline 17 (19) (13 Oct. 2000): 4-11.
  4.2. Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer, New Evidence on the 'Piltdown Horse' 
Hoax, Frontline  17 (23) (24 Nov. 2000): 126-129. See also associated 
articles on pp., 122-26, collectively entitled A Tale of Two Horses. 4.3. 
Hindi translation of Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer, Horseplay in Harappa, 
with a supporting editorial by Romila Thapar (New Delhi, 2001).

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> It's not a really Buddhist subject, but some of you might be interested. 
> It's quite a collection.
> From Hindu Press International.
> tinyurl.com <http://tinyurl.com/k4w3h>
> April 7, 2006: An unusual resource is available for download in PDF form 
> at "source." It is a 188-page catalog of Indus Valley seals and 
> inscriptions, running about forty items per page. In addition to the seals 
> are pottery pieces, index of known signs and various commentaries. The 
> photos of the seals are relatively high resolution. We're not aware of the 
> source of this collection. Be advised that the download process from this 
> free site is slow.
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