[Buddha-l] Re: Reading sutra's without understanding them

Benito Carral bcarral at kungzhi.org
Thu Apr 27 03:57:34 MDT 2006

On Thursday, April 27, 2006, Stefan Detrez wrote:

> Do  you  know which forms of Buddhism see this 'numb'
> reading  as  beneficial  and  is  it  really  so that
> understanding  the  content of the text is considered
> as  good,  but  not necessary? To what extent is this
> true?

   I  think  that  it  is  interesting to read what the
_Diamond  Sutra_  says  about  it.  Also, as you surely
know,  in Chan Buddhism we sometimes use a mantra (or a
sutra)  just  to sweep away wandering thoughts from our
minds  --in  such  a  case,  it's  just  the mechanical
repetition what matters (in fact, I don't know how many
people know what the Great Compassion mantra means).

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