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Tue Jul 25 17:48:13 MDT 2006

Friends, or not,
I am reminded of the time that I blew up, cussing the bloodsucking,  starving 
army of fleas and ticks that the dog was bringing into the house, day  after 
day, bedroom in particular. My old, dear dog heard me raising L, cussing,  and 
carrying on louder and madder than I had before, or since for that matter.  
Inside the house was lousy with fleas and ticks.  Well, he up and left on  his 
own, out fear or hurt never did know. 
The fleas and ticks remained though. Some say they can survive seven years  
without blood, all I know is that they keep stealing enough of mine. As those  
buddhists say, I am still suffering; and, I am damned unhappy about it. Gonna  
fumigate the house, again; ain't gonna listen to buddhism according to  fleas 
and ticks while they dine.
Problem is still I miss the dog, it was a source of joy, a quiet companion  
at times, and even vigilant. Be nice to have the grungy stud return, but it 
does  need flea and tick collars regularly as well as an occasional bath. Most of 
all,  it needs to realize that bloodsucking persistent parasites are part of 
a dog's  life but they really rile me and a few others. 

Richard Basham
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