[Buddha-l] Buddhist mantras for imperfections made in practice

Jion Prosser jion at tendai-lotus.org
Thu Jul 27 10:54:59 MDT 2006

>What is the Tendai mantra "to make up for imperfections"? I am very 
>interested to know whether it bears any similarity to the mantra that I 
>know from Korean Buddhism that serves the same purpose. I am asking 
>because this is a mantra which I need a lot!
>- Curt

Greetings Curt and Members,

The Tendai tradition implements the DAIKONGO-RIN mantra, the exoteric form
of which is:
Namah stryadhivikaanaam sarva tathaagataanaam om viraji viraji mahaa cakra
vajri satasata saarate saarate trayii trayii vidamani sambhanjani tramati
siddhagriye tram svaha.

Oral commentaries (kuden) exist which are transmitted from Master to acolyte
detailing the use, corresponding hand mudra and mind visualization.

Rev. Jion Prosser
Tendai Lotus Teachings

-----Original Message-----
>> In our Japanese Tendai tradition, we have a (similar?) mantra used to
>> up for such imperfections and mistakes in one's practice.  Does anyone
>> on the list from diverse traditions have experience with such a mantra?

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