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Katherine Masis schreef:
> Until today, I had no idea there was such a thing as a
Universal Buddhist Flag, invented by theosophist Henry Steele
Olcott and hoisted for the first time in 1886:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhist_flag
> There is a Tibetan variation of this same flag:
> http://www.prayerflags.com/display.asp?catid=4&pid=39
> Katherine
Hi Kahterine,

you seriously you mean to say that you have been living without
the protection of this image in your mind? Life must have been
hell! I even have buttons which I can proudly ware on my coat.
The only thing I sadly miss is a Buddhist anthem.


The "Song of the Triple Gem," lyrics written by Taixu and the
music composed by Hongyi in the 1930s, became the Buddhist anthem
but it is "not used in ritualistic practice, which says something
about the Buddhist movement," Tan said.............
With this your life can be complete.

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