[Buddha-l] Everybody on vacation?

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Yes meditation does warp the impression of time passing.
Mindfulness/attention/concentration while doing garden or
also does it (this is a female retired person writing here).
Often while doing such work, one's mind wanders into monkey-mode,
and so one loses attention to what one's doing. Suddenly it's
6-7pm already....day over.

Recently TV here changed to digital. I didn't pay for the
converter box nor the new antenna needed in my area to get it, so
now watching TV is over. This has led to time slow-down too. More
book reading ensues. That's good. Reading a good book is a
time-slower, alleviating the feeling that one's remaining time is
too short because learning continues. 
Maybe learning about things is the best part of being alive;
making things (like cooking or gardening) comes next. One doesn't
grieve over those things being impermanent. Where's the dukkha?



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jkirk schreef:
> "I sometimes get the feeling that most people believe in
> because they want to be someone who believes in reincarnation."
> That's not me, Jack! 
How could you? You just expressed your nonbelief!
> My thought of course was a small version about one favorite
> among some of us: so much to read, so little time.
For some reason time goes faster when you're older. It's not
fair. Perhaps older people should pick up zen meditation in order
to slow it down. Or read tedious books. Writing and reading
emails also consumes a lot of one's time, maybe that why people
change to twitter these days :-) 


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