[Buddha-l] modern buddhist teachers

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Wed Jun 24 15:02:12 MDT 2009


My Fellow Diverteds and others,

It might liven things up if some <g> one would mention that
"Great Western Vehicle" movement. 

Or, there is "Big Sky Mind", etc. 

So far, none have suggested HHDL or TNH. 

Perhaps, I confuse common 'preachers' with once-in-decades

Richard Basham
I got the impression that Curt was asking about modernised
Buddhism in Asia, but his query was vague all right. 

"Great Western Vehicle" is in the US, seems like, but not sure.
The website claims to be Mahayana, but says that they do not
reject enlightenment in this life. They claim to be a 4th wheel.
Is this "modernising," "reform," or just tinkering? Is innovation
modernisation? Who knows?

Big Sky Mind was a book about the beats; or if there is an
organisation by that title, it's not available online. That
certainly was USA, not Asia. 


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