[Buddha-l] The drug wars and Buddhism? Vancouver, BC

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Tue Jun 30 15:58:21 MDT 2009


"The worst violence can be traced to the verdant Fraser Valley
southeast of Vancouver, where the Red Scorpions gang has been at
war with a multi-ethnic criminal organization called the United

The founder of the U.N. is Clayton Roueche, 33, son of a scrap
metal dealer from Chilliwack, population 80,000.

Authorities believe Roueche was going to attend a wedding and
meet trafficking associates in Mexico in May 2008 when
authorities there turned him away. He was flown to Dallas, where
U.S. agents arrested him on a drug indictment out of Seattle. He
pleaded guilty in April to conspiracy and money-laundering
charges and faces as many as 30 years in prison.

Two months later, the man he allegedly was going to meet in
Mexico was shot to death in a Guadalajara restaurant, along with
another U.N. associate.

The U.N. adopted its name in honor of the variety of
nationalities it encompasses, including Iraqis, Chinese and
Guatemalans. It is known for its Asian mystic-themed motto of
"Honor-Loyalty-Respect," created by Roueche, who has a passion
for martial arts and Buddhism." 

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