[Buddha-l] Capitalisation of Buddhist Terms

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 9 09:58:04 MST 2010

Op 09-12-10 15:43, Richard Hayes schreef:
> As a point of curiosity, did it not used to be the case (if you'll pardon the expression) that in dutch the pronoun 'U' was written in upper case? Was it not at one time customary to write "Bent U ernstig?", or am I suffering again from one of my many linguistic delusions?
Since WW II the Dutch have ever more increased the distance between the 
German and Dutch spelling. So the capitalized U has become the 
prerogative of solely the queen and God (the christian god). In the old 
days when people wore caps and hats the Dutch were full of respect for 
people they had to write letters to, but now in the sms age, they don't 
w1t 2 w8 4 u.
Still there are traces in the idiom of the former glorious status of the 
U. The Dutch equivalent of 'huge' is 'om er U tegen te zeggen' or to 
address it with 'U'.
The capitalisation of the 'u' is however not compulsory, so you may also 
address the queen with just 'u', which may be confusing because she 
addresses herself as 'we'. This explains why the former queen once said 
she was lonely but not alone.
Perhaps we should consider to free enlightened people of all 
capitalisation, since they have renounced all capital: economic, 
cultural and social, as well as self-concern.


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