[Buddha-l] Teach English at a Thai Temple?

Richard Basham bshmr at aol.com
Fri Apr 1 08:50:57 MDT 2011

Diversion anyone? Alternative summer school or vacation?

Richard Basham


The monks and I: Teaching and learning in Thailand
By Richard S. Ehrlich, CNNGo.com, 31 March, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- Foreigners are being invited to teach English to
Buddhist monks at two temples in Thailand -- at a cost of hundreds of

And staff at one temple claim that many visiting instructors
"experienced nirvana temporarily" during meditation sessions.

The temples, Wat Luang Phor Sodh in Ratchaburi and Wat Doi Saket in
Chiang Mai, run slightly different programs, but essentially offer the
chance to learn about Thai culture while teaching English.

Foreign teachers have to pay for their own lodging, food and other
expenses, as well as their airfare to and from Thailand. And though all
of the saffron-robed monk students are male, the temples welcome both
men and women teachers.

"All English speakers are welcomed," said Dr. Barton "Bart" Yanathiro, a
75-year-old American Buddhist who helps run the classes in Ratchaburi,
about two hours southwest from Bangkok by bus. 



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