[Buddha-l] ISKON spinoffs-America: Shadow Temple

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Thu Apr 7 15:20:14 MDT 2011

Since the mantra Om Mane Padme Hum is mentioned in this piece, I
thought it OK to post here, in case some listfolk might enjoy
knowing about this new riff on the ancient east: 


ISKON spinoffs move to pop musical entertainment:

Beginning with the first track of Shadow Temple, Brooklyn's
Prince Rama produces much sound and little music. "Om Mane Padme
Hum" is a vast noise chamber of swirling drums, reverb-drenched
yelps and flanger echoes, relentlessly building over four minutes
to the awesome climax that is "Om Namo Shivaya," a vast noise
chamber of swirling drums, reverb-drenched etc. and etc. There is
also chanting.
[more in article]   A concluding remark: 
                 "Shadow Temple turns familiar with exhausting

Reminds me also of some Tibetan Buddhist group some kilometers
away from Missoula, MT that plans on blanketing their pristine
mountain desert land with 10,000 Buddha images.  Thing is the
Buddha never did anything like that, nor even did his followers
for a few centuries--but who cares about what he and they did?

Joanna K.

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