[Buddha-l] Paper: When the Saints Go Marching In (Lachs)

Stuart Lachs slachs at att.net
Fri Apr 15 11:31:44 MDT 2011

Hi Bernard,

You wrote,

>" Obviously you are right in that this 'autobiography' is a hagiography
> and it's not presenting the 'historical truth' (whatever this might be),
> but a retrospect of the old Master Sheng Yen. Since 2500 years the
> common way buddhist teachers present their livestories is to emphazise
> the aspects of Dharma and to neglect the aspects of 'worldliness'. So
> all buddhist autobiographical texts from the early monks and nuns of the
> Buddha, to the biography of Milarepa, to the biography of Sheng Yen are
> hagiographies.

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