[Buddha-l] Paper: When the Saints Go Marching In (Lachs)

Katherine Masis twin_oceans at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 13:31:42 MDT 2011

Suspicious and rude, yes.  But you folks would be amazed at how common these attitudes and behaviors are in Western Zen, mainly because they are disguised as bitter-medicine-that-is-good-for-you.  Spiritual abuse can emerge in any and all traditions, and Zen is no exception.  There are tons of articles on the Web about this phenomenon.  I have downloaded quite a bibliography.  If anyone is interested, please contact me off-list.  Stuart Lachs' clearly written articles are an excellent place to start.
Katherine Masis
I would imagine that anyone who sets up an "I represent absolute reality and it is in opposition to your small self"  opposition like this would be seen as pretty suspicious  -G. McLoughlin 
Yes! I've never come across anything like that before - the worst thing is just someone that... I mean it always seem ambiguous which is a good thing. Sort of like: if you were a normal human being I'd think you were being rude to me, really. -Luke  

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