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Excerpt from mostly deleted announcement due to size requirements on this list: 'These inscriptions are the best evidence we have for life in mahāsāṃghika monasteries in Bactria from c. 50 A.D. to c. 650.' 


This publication lends additonal support to the idea that Buddhism in central Asia had survived into the Umayyad period--and IMO had influenced some 'heterodox ideas' (even if it was early  to use the term heterodox!) in Islam. Even if there were no monasteries in east-coastal Mediterranean, central Asian monks for long had been traveling along lengthy east-west corridors and the silk roads. It's inconceivable to me that they had not reached the west coasts, where the Umayyads predominated, in their peregrinations.
Hmm let's see: 88euros .....129 USD--ouch!
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New book : 

Shakirjan PIDAEV, Tukhtash ANNAEV et Gérard FUSSMAN, Monuments bouddhiques de Termez/Termez Buddhist Monuments, I, Catalogue des inscriptions sur poteries par Gérard FUSSMAN avec une contribution de Nicholas SIMS-WILLIAMS et la collaboration d’Éric OLLIVIER, Publications de l’Institut de Civilisation Indienne, fasc. 791 et 792, Paris,  280 pages including 16 colour plates and 80 black and white plates. Euros 88.

Available from De Boccard, 11 rue de Médicis, 75006 Paris,  <http://www.deboccard.com/> http://www.deboccard.com/





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