[Buddha-l] Outlaw karma

donna Bair-Mundy donnab at hawaii.edu
Fri Feb 11 17:18:57 MST 2011

   Oh, dear.  If the U.S. follows the plan of Dr. Hayes I will end up a 
woman without a country unless the monarch can be reinstated.
   Unfortunately, there are many people who claim to be the rightful 
inheritors of the topmost position of Hawaiian monarchy.  One of them, 
along with his friends, temporarily occupied Iolani Palace fairly 
recently.  He didn't manage to actually sit on the throne because he 
couldn't find the throne room.

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On Thu, 10 Feb 2011, Richard Hayes wrote:

> It looks to me as if it's about time to apply the last-in-first-out 
> principle in the United States. Let's say the last four states to join 
> the union should be asked—nay, required—to leave. That would be Alaska 
> (bye-bye, Sarah), Hawai'i (bye-bye, Barack), Arizona (the Tohono 
> O'odham, Diné, Tiné and Hopi will be glad to get their lands back) and 
> New Mexico (adios, amigos). Let's face it, none of those places want to 
> be part of the United States anyway, and Old Glory would look a hell of 
> a lot less cluttered with 46 stars instead of 50.

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