[Buddha-l] Abhidharma vindicated once again

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Fri Mar 4 19:14:47 MST 2011

Thanks Eric for posting this account. I too was thinking about
posting on the swamis who survive days of burial underground with
no food water or air as being able to produce the same state as
nirodha samaapatti--but had no link for it.
I wonder if some animal hibernation is a similar state.


This feat is not limited to Buddhism. I remember having read in
Indian newspapers reports about sadhus being buried alive and on
the side
there is this fragment:

/Few of the most impressive, most verified and popular
experiments carried out on yogis are those in which the subject
is confined in an airtight or poorly ventilated container for an
extended period of time. 
One such experiment was conducted by in which a yogi was wired up
to a twelve-lead ECG and buried in an earthen pit for over seven
days in the grounds of the Tagore Medical College and Hospital in
Udaipur, India. 
Monitoring the ECG record from a nearby laboratory,it was noted
that, after twenty-nine hours of confinement, the yogin`s heart
rate had accelerated to as many as 250 beats per minute. The
yogi`s heartbeat prior to the experiment was 106 per minute.
Suddenly, after thirty hours, the ECG from all twelve leads
displayed "a straight line with no electrical disturbance", and
this continued for the next 5 days. Having suspected that the
leads may have become disconnected, the experimenters were amazed
when, half an hour before the pit was due to be opened, the ECG
tracings reappeared, registering a rate of 142 beats per minute.

/So the question is: who was first and what is the liberative
value of nirodha-samapatti?


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