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David Living aryacitta at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 12 15:52:21 MST 2011

>>Randall wrote:
>>I just glanced over a Can-you-be-a-Christian-and-a-Buddhist? 
>>discussion that Google turned up somewhere on the web. I guess some 
>>people worry about stuff like that. I find it interesting that I don't.

Funnily enough a friend of mine was going on about this today at my group.
I do find myself getting hot under the collar around these issues but I often can't remember why! I have been on the receiving end of aggressive "Christian salesmanship" in the past. Often it seems that where local christian churches are failing they open their arms to anyone with a remotely religious message - even a Buddhist one. Where they prosper they are sharply antagonistic. This may well be cynical and outdated now and some of my Christian friends seem genuinely sympathetic.

My experience of religion both East & West is generally quite positive though seriously flawed by blind faith and sometimes quite violently antagonistic attitudes but then some Buddhists seem to follow the antagonistic line too!

I do prize "Right/Perfect View" above all else though. Genuine investigation and understanding of the consequences of perfect and imperfect thought, emotion, imagination and feeling is crucial to making any progress in life. I've never found anything more informative on this point than Buddhism. Maybe my education was a little limited however!

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