[Buddha-l] Bourgeois Buddhism

Stefan Detrez stefan.detrez at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 02:16:05 MDT 2011

If we can't decide what is Buddhist, how then do we recognize it as such?

Op 5 okt. 2011 09:06 schreef "andy" <stroble at hawaii.edu> het volgende:
> Margaret Gouin wrote:
>> Stefan, even in the hardest of hard sciences there is no such thing as
>> 'decisive proof', just stronger or weaker support for propositions.
>> 'Setting up a definition' is rather like making a proposition:
>> IF person A claims to be a Buddhist,
>> THEN we should expect behaviour B
> At the least, I would expect Metta, karuna, mudita and upekkha, the
> Brahmavihara, or at least an acknowledgement of falling short of these
> And this is the point, we are not dealing with hard science here, but with

> doctrine, which can specify a priori. And decisive proofs can follow from
> doctrine, unless that doctrine is proven false. Where does this leave us?
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