[Buddha-l] The Buddha fights back

andy stroble at hawaii.edu
Fri Sep 2 02:38:08 MDT 2011

> Interesting interpretations: - the Parrot pecks the falcon in the balls
> thus symbolising transcending the sexual drive?
> I'd go with this interpretation :) Transcending it, Yes-- and also
> effectively interfering with the action! Is this the only Jataka tale
> that's funny?

Actually, I think all jataka tales are funny, but funny in different ways. 
This interpretation of the "vital joint" never occured to me!  

> ps I believe Mara was supposed to be the undefeatable, omnipotent and the
> omniscient Lord of Death and other horrible things though I cannot quote
> chapter and verse. He certainly causes a lot of trouble to Buddhists these
> days.
> He(we) causes trouble universally--see Stephen Batchelor's book on Mara.
> Joanna

Joanna hits the mark, with the "He(we).  I was thinking more of the last time 
the Buddha single-handedly defeated Mara, and I don' think it involved any 
pecking.  But an amazing feat, nonetheless?

James Andy Stroble

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