[Buddha-l] New Generation of Western Buddhists?

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A good supplement to being a new Buddhist or a western one in these

However, the article Dan draws our attention to also rather oddly seems to
suggest that deep meditation is in itself dangerous.
I'm not sure that's a helpful way to think about it, but it can also serve
as an admonition to take proper care of what one is doing. As Kornfield
pointed out in his book _After the Ecstasy, the Laundry..._, it's not all
oceanic bliss. Somewhere he also said (maybe it was in one of the IMS
newsletters) that he figured out he had problems that needed psychological
counseling, despite the fact that he was already a seasoned meditator. (Or
maybe that's in this book or on some website.) 

Maybe last year (was it?) someone inquired about the jhaanas, and someone
else suggested forget about them. Simplify your sessions without spending
time thinking about which jhaana you are in. 
Sounds to me like good advice. 


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Thanks, Jack. Helpful site. I particularly appreciated this link:


Anyone have any thoughts, reactions to this new breed and their
approach(es), our replacements in a sense?


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