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Send it through paypal to dingirfecho at gmail.com. Dana starts at
us$1.250 (for the "soon to be a bona-fide buddhist") and this week we
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PS: send us a mail as soon as you wire the money so we can send you
your "I´m a goddam bonafide Buddhist" card.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 2:31 AM, andy <stroble at hawaii.edu> wrote:
> Quoting Jack and Jo, in no particular order:
>> It has been my experience, limited though it might be, that the Western
>> Buddhists I know follow the 8-Fold Path while ethnic Buddhists I know do
>> not.
>> No  idea if this is true beyond the people I know
>> I have visited a local Thai Buddhist temple center many times and given
>> talks there. Several of the monks always ask me about my attending some
>> upcoming  ceremony and are quite surprised when I say I won't. They seem to
>> think my sole  function as a layperson is dana and attending rites and
>> rituals.
>> Jack
>> _____________________
>> "They seem to think my sole  function as a layperson is dana and attending
>> rites and rituals."
>> That is indeed the Asian bag with vernacular Buddhism.
>> Joanna
> Wow, finally I can be a Buddhist!  Where do I send my dana? Do I get a
> membership card?
> James Andy Stroble, PhD
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