[Buddha-l] Bourgeois Buddhism

Stefan Detrez stefan.detrez at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 11:43:23 MDT 2011

I think it is possible to find out what 'real' Buddhism is, eventhough I
prefer to call it 'essential' Buddhism. It's one thing what proletarians
think it is, and it's another thing what an elite or a bourgeousie thinks it
is (just to recycle the marxist idiom). It can also be found by asking
Buddhist scholars and non-Buddhist scholars with the effect that 'real'
Buddhism can be understood depending on the perspective one takes on it. Or
we can think of it ourselves and spark debate.

My own definition of 'essential Buddhism' is simple.

To know by heart and to live by the Four Noble Truths and the Eighthfold

Anything less will be 'very lay Buddhism'. There!


2011/9/25 Federico Andino <dingirfecho at gmail.com>

> >
> >
> > I believe Buddhist communities of practitioners decide who is and  who is
> > not Buddhist.
> >
> > jack
> >
> Wait wait wait...let´s not act rashly.
> I´m interested in creating this Newspeak Buddhist thought police and
> then exerting a payment from all the groups that want to call
> themselves buddhist. Say, could we get a classroom to meet decked in
> red and black?
> F
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