[Buddha-l] Students as potential spooks?

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Thu Feb 9 21:26:15 MST 2012

Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 6:46 PM:

It makes no difference whether one votes for a Republican sociopathic liar
bankrolled by heartless kleptomaniacs or a Democrat sociopathic liar
bankrolled by heartless kleptomaniacs. Kleptocracy is the only game in town.

Richard Hayes
a republican democrat


May I recommend a contemporary graphic novel published in India (avail. on
amazon, et al I guess) that reminds one of other countries as well as the
one in this story:
_Lie : A Traditional Tale of Modern India_, by Gautam Bhatia. Tranquebar
Press, 2010.

Joanna K.

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