[Buddha-l] Buddhist Saints in India

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As far as I understand it, his main thesis is that there have always been three types of buddhist practitioner, not two, which is obvious if you forget about theories and just look at Buddhist history

Jan Nattier ('A Few Good Men') argues against it, though I wouldn't say she refutes the thesis above, only some less important points he makes

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> Regarding Reginald Ray's _Buddhist Saints in India: A Study in Buddhist Values and Orientations_.
> Is there any scholarly consensus or schools of thought on the validity of his thesis, which as I understood it is that the Mahayana form is not a later development but possibly represents a tradition that was prior to the monastic one expressed in the Pali suttas?
> What is thought of the degree to which monastic institutions and rules post-date the Buddha rather than being the original form of Buddhist practice, and the status of forest saints or practitioners during Buddha's lifetime?
> Have refutations of his arguments been published?
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