[Buddha-l] Check out The Right's Stupidity Spreads, Enabled by a Too-Polite Left

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Your points are, for the most part, well taken, even with regard to the angels, dogs, and roaches.  My only disagreement is that intelligent people or people of good will can use the terms Right and Left more as indicators than judgments, and thereby avoid the obstacles to authentic communication.





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>  The problem with many on the Left is that they will not claim their opponents 
are mistaken, but that they are stupid and evil.  This isn't my general 
experience of the highly intelligent and articulate people on the Right.

First of all, the words Right and Left have become utterly meaningless. They are 
words so carelessly tossed around that have have lost all ability to 

That said, I think you have sliced this pie awkwardly, Dr Ziobro. I think few 
intelligent people of any persuasion characterize people who disagree with them 
as evil, simply because that is not a very intelligent thing to do. In my 
experience, no group of people has a monopoly on fallacious argumentation, and 
no group is the sole proprietor of good reasoning, and the distribution of good 
and bad reasoning is pretty even across all social and political categories. My 
guess the same is true among angels, dogs and cockroaches. 

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