[Buddha-l] Check out The Right's Stupidity Spreads

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Sun Feb 12 05:32:43 MST 2012

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rhayes at unm.edu writes:
I find myself quite sympathetic to those who have protested against  
Obama's recent blunders in stomping on people's religious convictions. His  
incredible insensitivity in this matter of birth control seems about  equivalent 
to requiring mosques and synagogues to distribute pork, or  requiring 
Mdhyamikas to use valid arguments. What was he  THINKING?
Let's see. First, the Catholic Church won't fund the insurance  that covers 
birth control. Catholic Churches are exempt. It applies only  to Catholic 
institutions that offer services to non Catholics as well as  Catholics. 
Think a Catholic hospital set in a poor area of town. State laws at  least here 
in Illinois prevent another hospital from opening up nearby and  competing 
with them. It receives enormous amounts of federal cash both  directly and 
indirectly through not having to pay taxes. Plus birth control is  not forced 
on anyone; they can refuse. Add to all this the fact that surveys  have 
shown that 98% of Catholic women have used birth control sometime in  their 
lives. How is all this stomping on people's religious convictions?  It seems to 
me to offset a Catholic hierarchy's forcing their beliefs on  others.

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