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Jack, actually, the whole matter arose precisely because the present Administration is unequivocally mandating that Catholic healthcare institutions provide artificial contraceptives and abortifacients to patients and employees.  The President's purported compromise has been rejected because the bishops do not judge it to actually and truly respect and acknowledge the conscience of *both* Catholic healthcare providers and entities, and those of other providers and entities who, until now, were never required to implement such a mandate.  What the bishops are doing is addressing the present Administration's novel disregard for the free exercise of religion -- or even business -- based on one's beliefs.




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My  understanding is that the religious entity, i.e., Catholic Church,  
not provide any resources. What resources do you think it provides?  The  
State certainly provides resources/money to  it.

[Stan responds: The resources I had in mind  were contraceptive and/or 
abortifacient, which are not presently provided, but  which the HHS mandate 
requires Catholic institutions to provide within the  year.  
No, the administration does not ask Catholic institutions to provide  
contraceptive or abortion services or money toward contraceptive or abortion  
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