[Buddha-l] Article: The Death of the Scientific Buddha

Richard Breedon breedon at physics.ucdavis.edu
Sat Nov 3 04:04:06 MDT 2012

On 3 Nov 2012, at 01:46, Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:
> I mixed up Snyder with Zukav as Franz has already made clear, perhaps I had to many Wuli masters in my head. I don't want to accuse anyone personally of being a bad philosopher, certainly not you, Richard, but I'm pretty sure that scientism is a myth. ...

I agree that scientism is a myth, but probably not for the same reason that you do. In the pejorative sense, it is like Hinayana Buddhism; you are unlikely to find any scientist who would claim that that was what she or he was practicing.

Richard Breedon
Wuli master 
Dept. of Physics, UC Davis 

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