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Hi Weng Fai,

Thanks for this. I did know about the Hindus of Nepal doing 5 days of Diwali
including dog feasting on the 2d day, as dog is the vahana of Bhairava, and
was wondering about the Newars.  Thanks also for the news on Bhaisajyaguru
Buddha pujas in Chinese Buddhism. This year Diwali in India began on Nov 13
so ends on the 17th, lasting 5 days.

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Wikipedia to the rescue!

"While not a large occasion for the Buddhist community, Newar Buddhists
celebrate Diwali through the chanting of mantras and remembering Emperor
Ashoka who is said to have converted to Buddhism on this day, and therefore
Buddhists also know the festival as Ashok Vijayadashami. Their temples and
monasteries are well decorated during this time and the Buddha is worshipped
with full honours.
While Diwali is not considered a major holiday in East Asia or in most of
the Mahayana schools of East Asian Buddhism, the lunar calendar birthday of
Bhaisajyaguru Buddha (whose healing aspect is often in the form of burning
lights) is commemorated coincidentally around the time of Diwali."

The last statement is true in Chinese Buddhism - at least in the region that
I am aware of.


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This year President Obama wished a happy Diwali (India's festival of lights)
to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists -from DC. In 2010 the Obamas
celebrated Diwali with kids at a school in Mumbai:

I wasn't aware that Indian Buddhists celebrate Diwali at all. Do they? I
mean they might participate with friends and neighbors, but it's not one of
their holidays, right? 
In India they are usually Theravadins or Tibetan Buddhists.  
Does anybody know the answer?   


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