[Buddha-l] Buddhist stupa to be moved from NM Petroglyph Park

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Nothing new.  My father worked at GC in the mid '30s.  The "drunken" ranch
hand cavorting on a promontory over a mile drop for the enjoyment of
tourists was a daily event. 

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> A point to note about both authors on these two links is that neither one
of them deign to mention that there is a 'Buddha Cloister' also in the Grand

That's interesting. I had never realized that before. That's a location that
somehow escaped my attention.

The first time I walked across the Grand Canyon, I was ten years old, and I
did it twice more as a young adult. All three times I was with my dad, who
pointed out all main the geological features. I just remember him saying
that the formations of the Grand Canyon so impressed John Wesley Powell that
he named them after Hindu deities. He also said that Powell lost a boat and
lots of supplies and I think a few men in a canyon that he then named Dirty
Devil Canyon. Some of his men were spooked by the name and Powell made up
for his reference to the devil by naming the next place he saw Bright Angel.
I have no idea where my dad picked up these stories, but I do know he read
all the journals of John Wesley Powell and was fascinated by the early
explorations of the Grand Canyon, so he may have gotten the stories from
those writings.

Last time I went to the Grand Canyon, I saw all those plaques placed there
by evangelical Christians, and I was so horrified that I almost forgot to
look at the beautiful scene before me. I was also depressed by how the Grand
Canyon is being loved to death. Trails on which one used to encounter no
more than half a dozen people in a day now have thousands of people running
around on them, and stepping off them to get spectacular photos. Not long
after I saw the depressing commentary about Noah's ark, I saw a model or
movie star out doing poses on a promontory while a gaggle of photographers
too photos of her. I don't think John Wesley Powell ever could have
envisioned that the Grand Canyon would become a backdrop for an
advertisement for designer jeans.

Richard Hayes
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