[Buddha-l] Revered 20th century CE Thai text?

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Thai woman? Samanthi Dissanayake's surname is Sinhalese.

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Brits likely ruffling some Thai feathers, ignoring most Thai
context/response. Seems to me that linguistic analysis would be more
scientific than what is presented. 

OTT: Why is the text so revered? Is there a public English-language copy? 

Richard Basham


Buddhist text's true author identified as Thai woman By Samanthi
Dissanayake, BBC News, 28 March 2013

Leeds, UK -- A little-known Thai woman has been identified by researchers as
the most likely author of an important Buddhist treatise, previously
attributed to a high-profile monk.

Thammanuthamma-patipatti is a set of dialogues, supposedly between two
prominent Thai monks last century.

It had been attributed to one of them - Venerable Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta.

But scholars believe it was really by a female devotee, making her one of
the first Thai women to write such a text.


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