[Buddha-l] Chinese court re: Tibetan immolations

Jo ugg-5 at spro.net
Fri Feb 1 14:47:56 MST 2013

Franz, very perceptive. 
Dictatorial governments no doubt excel in this form of discourse. 
How interesting it would be if one of the rich donors to Tibetan things in
the US funded a website on Chinese social drama, a la tibetaine.  That could
lead to expansions, taking in other dictatorial outfits around the world
(Vietnam's and the NK's govts. come to mind).


Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 2:30 PM

My favorite bit was this:

> The Xinhua report said the older Tibetan was also being stripped of his
"political rights" for life, while the younger would have his stripped for
three years.

A cruel punishment that must really break their spirits!

Seriously, what a perfect example of dramatic irony. Surely someone in the
government knows how ridiculous they seem. Well, one can only send out a
silent prayer (or curse).

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