[Buddha-l] Hindu Fundamentalism

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Wed Aug 3 09:03:12 MDT 2005

> 'The passion of the Christ' is thought by many to be based on historical 
> facts,  so is the story about Jesus in India and the flight of Mohammed to 
> Jerusalem (there's a mosque to commemorate this). It would be OK if 
> religious fundamentalists would admit that their claims to the truth is a 
> quite other ballgame then those of the scientists, but they don't, they 
> want to play along in a game that's not theirs.
> Erik
The obviously most propitious and benign way to handle issues like this
is to keep religion out of public education. Period.

But even that is problematic.  Even the teaching of history in India has 
contentious around the various theories of the populaton of the subcontinent
around 2000-1500 BCE, whether by Aryans coming in from outside, or Aryans 
were always there! As you say, avatars are believed by many to be 
actual people. And the scientific "evidence" for either population theory
is disputed. Perhaps a way out would be to have a National Science 
and a few Science Colleges around the country, and leave the rest to local 


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