[Buddha-l] Hindu Fundamentalism

Alex Wilding alex at chagchen.org
Thu Aug 4 03:44:13 MDT 2005

jkirk wrote:
> The obviously most propitious and benign way to handle issues like
> this is to keep religion out of public education. Period.
*In principle* I entirely agree, along with the general separation of church
and state.
But (... altogether now: ...) it's not that simple. When you have people
whose outlook and education is so narrow that they can claim that, for
instance, the creation story in the Christian bible is literally,
objectively and "scientifically" true, how can you exclude their poppycock?
*We* may know that it is religion (of a sort) strutting around it what it
fancys to be scientific clothing, but how can you show that, simply and
convincingly, to simple minds?

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