[Buddha-l] Speaking of simple minds

Hal Cooper halc at xprt.net
Sat Aug 6 10:43:10 MDT 2005

Jkirk> As far as I know, there are no Buddhists who support this ID theory.
> Is that right?

Hal> I support the idea of Intelligent Design as it relates to pragmatism,
planning, interface usability, functional decomposition, reusability,
problem , and other pragmatic system design concepts.   This is an idea that
can be used in software design, mechanical engineering and project
management.  It is a powerful idea that helps a team of engineers be
successful in their endeavor.  The Buddha and his Dharma are designed in a
very intelligent way.  The Buddha along with his team of Mahasattvas,
Bodhisattvas and Arhants  is the Intelligent Eesign - Team Leader.

Is Phenomenon created by an intelligent designer?  As we create our worlds
from mind alone,  every sentient being is an intelligent designer.  There is
no need to create a schism between intelligent design and evolution.
Evolution is intelligent design.

Given that evolution and intelligent design are interfused and inseparable,
why is evolution so cold hearted?  Survival of the strong and annihilation
of the weak seems more like the philosophy of Adam Smith than the teaching
of Buddha or Christ.  The Desire World is capricious and unkind.  Those who
can't adapt are killed and eventually their whole species becomes extinct.
How could this realm be created by the loving kindness, compassion, gladness
and equanimity of a wisdom mind?

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