[Buddha-l] Taisodaisokyo Sutra

Stephen Hodge s.hodge at padmacholing.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 15:55:12 MST 2005

Stephen Hopkins

> Elusive, to me at least, and quite possibly mis-spelt (by me, again) -
> nonetheless, can anyone help me locate this sutta [Taisodaisokyo Sutra] ?

The (approx) correct spelling should be Taisho Daizokyo.  Alas, this is not 
the name of a "sutta", but an entire edition of the Buddhist canon in 
Chinese translation which was first compiled in the Taisho era (1920s) in 
Japan.  It is regarded as the standard edition for Chinese Buddhist texts, 
though it does have its short-comings.  When I say that it is the Buddhist 
canon, I mean by this that it comprises (nearly) all Indic Buddhist texts 
translated into Chinese from the Han period to the Song period, contained in 
32 thick volumes.  There are further volumes containing works composed in 
China, Korea and Japan.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge 

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