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Michael Wilson michaeljameswilson at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 07:22:15 MDT 2005

Rich, I thought "guru" also had a meaning like "heavy"
implying weight to thought.  Did not mean anything
derogatory (like suggesting you as a big as a bear or
or anything like that), but was trying for a clever
play on words. I like the Koyaanisqatsi music by Glass
very much.  There is a lot of inspiration in the so
called "balance philosophies - native american and
taoist.  Speaking of philosophy and native americans
in the same sentence I was recently at a workshop on a
reserve where I was almost the only stupid white
person, and the rest were were from almost a dozen
different native american first nations.  The
discussion was mostly on research ethics and the
philosophic statment on research ethics and natural
law.  The people there were trying to find wording for
a policy statement on where the idea of research and
ethics fits in with their understanding of the natural
order of their lives.  The discussion I remember was
from a Mohawk medicine person who didn't think the
direction of the discussion on natural law was
correct, while a Lokota elder unrolled an amazing
cosmological history story of the spiritual origins of
the Lakota nation.  There is no buddhist element at
all in this unless I say something like it would be
interesting if  maybe Phillip Glass would move on from
trying Tibetan operas and return more to his roots and
try a native american one.  Even that is not buddhist.
 How about I say I also know native americans who like
the buddhist "mindfulness meditation" very much.  The
pow wow dances are indeed colorful and the earth beat
rhythm - especially the Cree nation drumming and
chanting - has a profound earth mother heart feeling. 
Manitoulin Island Ontario has an equally as big pow
end of July.  Many of the people you saw there travel
that circuit.

oh sey da (can't remember which native language that
is - cherokee?)
michael j

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