[Buddha-l] Sanskrit and Tibetan in LaTeX/Emacs/AucTeX on XP

Tom Troughton ghoti at consultron.ca
Tue May 3 14:11:14 MDT 2005

Hello all

Slightly off-topic, but it seems this community might know something
about this.

I am setting up a tex/latex system on windows (miktex) and wondered
what comments people had about the various packages for the two
languages above. What about Pali?

I also am having trouble running commands from emacs - e.g. 'devnag
test.dn' works fine from a command prompt, but from emacs it provides
no output at all, just a runnning process. If I pipe it as follows
'devnag test.dn > test.tex' - I end up with a file test.tex of 0 bytes
and a running process. I can kill the process by killing the buffer.
Same with 'skt test.skt'. Of course I can process the thing from the
command window, but it would be nice to not have to leave emacs for
this. Any thoughts?

Best wishes

Tom Troughton

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