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Sat May 7 17:51:39 MDT 2005

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Subject: Re: liturgical languages] (Richard P. Hayes)

Richard Hayes wrote:

> > . . . Ajahn Sumedho . . .
>He's an American, as I recall. He is a wonderfully funny speaker. He
>gives some of the most witty and mischievously comical dharma talks I've
>ever heard.

Right. And he is also one of the most serious human beings I have met.
And one of the brightest.

>He's an excellent example of the old Norwegian adage "If you
>give the Dharma to an American, he'll make a joke out of it."
>I think it was Norwegian. Maybe it was Mongolian.

Don't be silly. Everybody knows it's just New Mexican.

Herman Zelders

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