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Mon May 9 08:51:45 MDT 2005

Jim Peavler schreef:

> Since such a large number of buddha-hellites are Neuvo Mejicanos I 
> thought I would post this.
> Seriously, you might check out the website and the book.
> This IS on topic.
> Seiju can  be reached at seiju at azc.org
> Begin forwarded message:
>> Hello,
>> Claude Anshin Thomas is a Soto Monk who has written a book about his
>> discovery of the power of Buddhism to heal the horrors of war.  He was a
>> volunteer in the Vietnam War and returned home still struggling with the
>> conflict.  Buddhism helped him find his way clear of that confusion 
>> and he
>> hopes his experience will inspire other people to find their way free 
>> from
>> conflict.
>> He is doing a book tour and will speak at the Zen Center this Tuesday
>> evening, 7 - 9 pm, after our regular zazen.  There is no charge for the
>> presentation, though a donation to his organization would be 
>> appreciated.
>> You can read an interview with Thomas at
>> http://www.newconnexion.net/article/11-04/hellsgate.html.  The 
>> organization
>> he has established, the Zaltho Foundation, can be studied at
>> http://www.zaltho.org/about/sop.html.
>> Contact the Zen Center if you have any questions.
>> Seiju
I know this guy. He was molested as a kid, used to be a Tae Kwan Do 
teacher, went to Vietnam and became a monk in Plum Village, the 
settlement of Thich Nath Hanh. He really went through hell, but 
struggled himself back to the human world. Great person.


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